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This week we take the political pulse of Washington. President Trump delivering an Oval Office speech and considering declaring a national crisis and invoking
emergency powers to get The Wall built. Speaker Pelosi dealing with a caucus that includes many outspoken, progressive firebrands. The House GOP has many members who have never been in the minority before. Not to mention a long government shutdown. How will
it all shake out?

Plus: an outstanding December jobs report points to a strong economy, but the stock market turns in its worst December performance since 1931. The markets remain volatile. Is the long Bull Market almost out of gas? Will 2019 produce an economic slowdown or
even a recession in the U.S.?

Tape Date: 01/10/19

Get closer to this week’s important issues and events. Veteran Times correspondent Sam Roberts returns to television to discuss the big stories with journalists covering them and with leading newsmakers. Preview articles that will appear in The New York Times over the weekend, discover the back stories and savor the conversation that has distinguished the program for 25 years.

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