NYC Comptroller Speaks Out | The New York Times Close Up with Sam Roberts

On this week’s edition of “The New York Times Closeup” with Sam Roberts: New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer says he’s out to declare a war on poverty, and wants to expand construction of affordable housing and set aside 15% of those apartments for the homeless. Stringer tells Roberts how he’d implement and pay for the ambitious plan. America’s economic numbers are solid but the Dow is down about 2,000 points since early October. What should we make of that mixed message and are we headed for a bear market, an economic slowdown or both? Two New York Times correspondents who cover the beat weigh in. Plus: CUNY-TV’s own movie critic, Neil Rosen, shares his picks for the best holiday season movies.


Get closer to this week’s important issues and events. Veteran Times correspondent Sam Roberts returns to television to discuss the big stories with journalists covering them and with leading newsmakers. Preview articles that will appear in The New York Times over the weekend, discover the back stories and savor the conversation that has distinguished the program for 25 years.

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